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ImaBiotech’s first worldwide patent has been granted for its quantification innovation in MSI

Diffusion de communiqué de presse auprès de journalistes qualifiésLille, France – 29th March, 2016 – First worldwide patent has been granted covering ImaBiotech’s research and services platform in the field of Mass spectrometry Imaging (MSI). ImaBiotech, a CRO company developing and offering new imaging technologies, applications, and software, announces today that the company has been granted a patent in USA, France, Australia and China for its lead inno

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Galderma and ImaBiotech develop a long-term alliance to access Multimaging™ services

Diffusion de communiqué de presse auprès de journalistes qualifiésCommuniqué de presse - Lille, France and Sophia Antipolis, France – November 10th, 2015 –Galderma a leading pharmaceutical company in Dermatology has chosen ImaBiotech to support their drug development with innovative Multimaging™ services.   Galderma has chosen ImaBiotech’s Multimaging™ services to combine and accelerate its drug pharmacokinetic, pharmacology, toxicology and for

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