A merry Christmas without webradios and free software in France?

06 Déc 2005

Presse release – December 23, while our compatriots will be busy with the Christmas and New Year holidays, at The National Assembly the transcription of the European Union Copyright Directive (EUCD) in the French law will be discreetly voted on as a matter of top priority.
The DADVSI law (Copyrights and laws bordering on them in the Society of the information) provide for, amongst others, the institution of DRM (Digital Right Management) at all levels : prohibition of Peer to Peer software and net surfer tracking, and with regard to web radios, they’ll be under an obligation to broadcast with a technology enclosing DRM ( ).
Besides reducing broadcaster’s freedom to choose their means of broadcasting and to use free software, DRM is also ineffective. As well as all means of copy protection, and as soon as it’s possible to listen or screen a work, to record it becomes feasible. For instance : video recorders, tape recorders… It has always been like that. Radios recording has always been a possible option, but a marginal choice. It has not been prejudicial to music work’s selling.

The plan of fight against piracy reproduces fears that K7 known in the Eighties…
This kind of solutions, principally Real Player and Windows Media formats, are very expensive because of licence purchase cost, which keeps user’s freedom within bounds. The majority of Web radios will be financially incapable to display this type of tools and accordingly, they will become outlaw.
Besides, what is Bruxelles position, that try to regulate Microsoft’s domination, while France imposes technologies provided by two societies which are largely sharing  the woldwide market of DRM services management ?  
“Fréquence Electro”, media work group of the Technopol Paris association, and several Web radios, including Electrone, Lets Go Zik, and Radio 404 are worrying about the turn of events regarding Web radios, mainly not commercial.
While it’s difficult, or even virtually impossible for artists to have access to medias, of which formatting remains inescapable, Web radios claim their role in cultural diversity.
More and more pressures are exerted on Web radios editors, so why not having a merry Christmas… without webradios ?
Today, he assembled Web radios are asking for a consultation with a view to an adjustment to the new text enforcement.
A special website, set up on “la grosse radio” radio’s initiative, co-ordinates information and action :
Anoter initiative website co-ordinates information and action for free software defense :
Web radios taking part in the media workgroup “fréquence électro” : / /
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