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Press Release - 2021-19-08 - Dassiet and OrthoPets collaborate to provide safer and easier orthopedic care for pets

The material innovation company Dassiet, and the leading, US based pet orthosis manufacturer OrthoPets have started collaboration to create sustainable, safe and user-friendly pet healthcare products. Both companies want to first tackle the issues surrounding veterinary casting, splints, and bandages, and to provide vets, pets and pet owners safe, carefree and sustainable orthopedic treatment options.

“Treating injuries in pets is hard. Pets cannot tell if their bandages are too tight, or if their skin starts to macerate. Currently, the casting process takes time and has multiple steps, and the available materials expose pets to allergic reactions and other complications. With our materials proven with human patients, and the incredible expertise the OrthoPets team has in animal orthoses we can bring pet trauma care to the modern day”, says Dassiet CEO Jimmy Takki.

“I’ve dedicated my career to making animals’ lives better, and since 2003 the OrthoPets team has helped over 30,000 animals with custom made orthoses. Collaborating with Dassiet was an obvious next step for us. With their material innovations we can provide pets with the even higher quality treatment they deserve and innovate on a sector of veterinary sciences that lags decades behind the corresponding human medicine”, says OrthoPets Founder Martin Kaufmann.

The new collaborative line of fracture and wound care products, called UPETS, utilizes Dassiet’s remoldable, non-toxic and light weight Woodcast material and a newly patented breathable, self-cohesive fabric that makes old-fashioned bandages obsolete. Combining the two companies’ expertise, UPETS products will not only be a biomechanically superior treatment option, but also fast to apply, made from eco-friendly materials and have extreme focus on patient comfort and safety.














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