AVTODOM Group dealerships received awards at the Customer Service Index Awards from

26 Déc 2023

Communiqué de presse, le 26 Décembre 2023 – The service named the winners of the IСS award (Customer Service Index) – Russian car dealers with the best level of customer service. AVTODOM Group has become the undisputed leader among all car dealers in terms of the number of awards. It received more awards than other companies did. AVTODOM Pulkovo and Audi Center Taganka were among the laureates.


The winners were selected based on reviews and ratings from clients of the ICS service, assessments of purchased cars and assessments of the work of dealer centers. The following were taken into account: completeness and professionalism of consultations on the technical characteristics and current condition of cars, comfort of communication with managers of the dealership center, service during the visit, willingness to recommend the dealer, organization and speed of work of employees, the quality of the purchased car. One dealer from Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region and from other regions of Russia became Winners in each category.

AVTODOM Pulkovo dealership center was among the centers with the highest rating according to the final index The Highest Customer Service Index of It also received an award in the Leaders in Customer Recommendations category. AVTODOM Pulkovo, the official dealer of Mercedes Benz in St. Petersburg, once again confirmed that the highest service for purchasing cars is provided to customers.

Audi Center Taganka received an award among leaders in customer recommendations. Audi Center Taganka became the first official dealer Audi in Moscow and one of the first official dealers in Russia. It is the largest Audi dealership, providing a high level of customer service during 22 years. All employees of the dealership regularly undergo training and improve their skills in accordance with Audi brand standards.

The award winners received virtual awards and statuettes in the shape of a four-pointed star. Data on the Customer Service Index became publicly available for users and on the pages of all authorized dealers from December 14.

“The IСS Award is especially valuable to us, since this award is given on the basis of customer reviews and recommendations. This reflects the level of care we take for our clients. We are glad that AVTODOM Group as a whole and our two dealership centers became leaders of the Award. We plan to further maintain and improve the quality of services”, – Oleg Kuznetsov, Director of Marketing and Digital Transformation at AVTODOM Group, said.

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