An excursion for students of the Automotive Transport College took place at the Porsche Center Pulkovo

26 Déc 2023

Press release, December 26, 2023 – An educational excursion for students of the Automotive Transport College took place at the Porsche Center Pulkovo dealership, part of the AVTODOM Group, on November 29. 30 graduate students visited the dealership. They will do their internship there at the beginning of 2024. They will be able to work there in the future.

Career guidance is very important at the stage of choosing a profession. Knowledge, skills and understanding where they can be applied after graduating from college are important for future specialists to successfully start careers. Educational excursions help students decide on a career path.

Alexey Bezzubov, director of after-sales service at Porsche Center Pulkovo, showed the students the repair area, spare parts and tire warehouse, parking lot, car pick-up area and other locations. He introduced the students to the innovative European equipment of the dealership center. He spoke in detail about the peculiarities of the work of employees: from mechanics and engineers to master consultants.

Students were actively interested in organizing the work processes of the official dealership and asked many questions. This way, future specialists became acquainted with the specifics of each department, the history of the Porsche brand and the technical features of each model presented in the showroom.

Porsche Center Pulkovo is the official Porsche dealer in St. Petersburg. The dealership provides a full range of services for the sale and maintenance cars.

“Young professionals are shaping the future of the entire automotive industry. We are always glad to see students and trainees. Industrial practice is an important process for both parties. This is not only the first steps in the profession for students, but also an opportunity to select the most promising future specialists for companies”, – Alexey Bezzubov, Director of Aftersales Services at Porsche Center Pulkovo, commented.

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