Remint™ par Mirka, le nouvel allié des smartphones pour une réparation facile, rapide et économique des écrans rayés

19 Mai 2020

Communiqués de presse, le 19 Mai 2020 –  Remint ™ is the  new Mirka solution developed for refurbishing smartphones.  The Remint ™ range eliminates aesthetic defects in a few minutes, restoring its uniform shine and shine to the tempered glass of the screen using an  inexpensive and environmentally friendly process .

Remint ™ is the new range of abrasives and polishing paste from the Finnish manufacturer, intended to repair scratched screens (patent pending).

“Our solution is  revolutionizing the way screens are repaired  on mobile devices,” says  Mårten Eriksson , Business Manager at Mirka. “Remint ™  removes all scratches  and provides a brand-new, easy-to-polish surface in just a few minutes.”

Aesthetic flaws are a common problem in the smartphone refurbishment market. A scratched screen often needs to be replaced before the device can be sold. The same goes for tablets and connected watches. “By reducing the need to replace devices or screens,  Remint ™ is making a real difference in the smartphone refurbishment market and in sales of used devices  ,” says  Mårten Eriksson . “It gives chemically toughened glass a uniform shine and is just as suitable for refurbishing devices in the factory as for specialized repair workshops”.


About Mirka:

Mirka Ltd is a world leader in surface finishing technologies and offers complete sanding solutions based on a wide range of abrasives, polishes and tools with innovative design, all at the cutting edge of technology. . For over 70 years, Mirka has established itself as a pioneer in technical innovation. Mirka’s innovative solutions are a real advantage for customers in terms of speed, quality and efficiency in view of the desired surface finish, they also allow them to benefit from more pleasant and ergonomic working conditions. Mirka, headquartered in Jeppo, Finland, achieved sales of EUR 286.7 million in 2018. Present in the world through 18 subsidiaries (Europe, Middle East, North and South America,

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