Sales of Bentley cars started in AVTODOM Kutuzovsky

27 Nov 2023

Communiqué de presse – Le 27 novembre 2023 – Sales of Bentley cars started in AVTODOM Kutuzovsky at Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 12A. The luxurious interiors of the car dealership, located in the center of Moscow, and the high professionalism of the employees allow the dealership to provide a first-class level of service. This meets the high demands of fans of the legendary brand. Calm background music and aromatic coffee will make a visit to the showroom even more enjoyable. The super-luxury crossovers Bentley Bentayga EWB and Bentayga S are presented there.

Bentley models presented in the showroom can be purchased at the AVTODOM Kutuzovsky. You can also pre-order any model in any configuration. All Bentley cars are supplied through parallel import channels. New and used cars are available to clients. Convenient and favorable conditions for car loans, leasing and insurance, a trade-in program with an additional payment in both directions are there. A 1-year/30,000-kilometer dealer warranty applies to all vehicles purchased. Service for Bentley cars is carried out in the AVTODOM Rublevsky, located on the inner side of the MKAD, 60 km, 4A.

Bentley is a car that can be tailored to the individual preferences of each client. The AVTODOM Kutuzovsky dealership provides the opportunity to create a unique dream car. The standard Bentley exterior paint palette can be expanded to 60 colors. An impressive selection of 21″ and 22″ wheels are available in a variety of finishes. Ten types of handcrafted veneers in glossy or open pore wood are available too. Other options include carbon fiber, diamond-polished aluminum and smooth painted piano linen finishes.

The new Bentayga S combines the luxury of a Bentley with the agility of a sports car. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4,5 seconds thanks to its 4,0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The maximum speed is 290 km/h. You can enjoy this thanks to the innovative active anti-roll bar system. Bentley Dynamic Ride tightens the anti-roll bar when cornering. This ensures the car’s maneuverability and creates a feeling of attraction to the road. Wheels turn more freely in everyday use. This provides unrivaled comfort when driving around the city.

The Bentley Bentayga EWB Long Wheelbase is much more than just a luxury car. All advanced technologies are concentrated in this. It features Bentley Dynamic Ride Like the Bentayga S. The Bentayga EWB is easy to drive, despite its long wheelbase. This is achieved through an improved type of steering mechanism. The front and rear wheels turn in opposite directions at low speeds. This reduces the turning circle and maximizes vehicle agility. As speed increases, all four wheels turn in the same direction for added stability when changing lanes or overtaking. The combination of large interior space and ease of operation is a unique feature of the Bentayga EWB.

“Every detail of a Bentley car underlines the fact that Bentley Motors has been pursuing such technical excellence for over a hundred years. Outstanding engineers and designers for a select circle of Bentley owners who shape the world around them create these models. We are pleased to give our customers the opportunity to become Bentley owners. We will provide high-quality service to build reliable long-term relationships between a Bentley car and its owner”, – Sergey Mordovin, Managing Director of the Bentley brand at AVTODOM Group, commented.

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