Steerprop Care online monitoring to enhance the reliability of three platform supply vessels

23 Fév 2022

Communiqué de presse – Le 23 février 2022 – Steerprop has signed a five-year contract with Siem Offshore regarding the propulsion monitoring service Steerprop Care Premium for three of the Norway-based offshore vessel company’s platform supply ships.

Steerprop Care is designed to enhance the availability of a vessel by continuously monitoring the health of the main propulsion system, revealing any changes in the behavior that could indicate upcoming maintenance needs.

“Machine learning guides our experts in predictive maintenance to focus on the right measurements at the right time, revealing consequential changes in the behavior of the propulsion system,” says Jarkko Sirrola, PDM Manager at Steerprop. “With these insights, our team can work more efficiently, and we are able to provide information on equipment condition so well in advance that our customer can plan the upcoming maintenance as efficiently as possible.”

Mr. Sirrola points out that the new contract with Siem Offshore is an example of the marine industry’s increasing interest in streamlining the maintenance processes through online monitoring services.

“The new level of predictive maintenance will ultimately lead to an enhanced availability of the vessel, increased safety and optimized maintenance based on the real requirements of the propulsion system”, he says. “This also makes it possible to lengthen the overhaul intervals, to optimize the spare part consumption, and to avoid unplanned maintenance.”

Gives comfort

Siem Offshore’s contract covers the three 5.500 DWT platform supply vessels Siem Pride, Siem Symphony, and Siem Thiima, which are equipped with Steerprop’s propulsion units. The ships operate in Norwegian and Australian waters and the contract runs initially for five years.

Aaron Barbetti, Maritime Manager at Siem Offshore in Australia, says that Steerprop Care Premium appears to be the best and most efficient way to continuously monitor the state of the propulsion systems.

“We became interested in Steerprop Care Premium because it gives comfort in the operation of the vessels and streamlines the maintenance process onboard”, he says. “The experience so far matches our expectations, and we hope to see long-term dividends together with Steerprop.”

Three levels of monitoring

The basic version of Steerprop Care is named Standalone, and it gives the onboard crew basic information about the propulsion system condition. It is included in every propulsion unit delivery since 2019. The online versions Steerprop Care Plus and Premium offer more advanced measurement capabilities, and if any development occurs that might cause future disturbances on a ship, Steerprop’s predictive maintenance team will notify the crew, and provide remote assistance if necessary. Steerprop Care Plus and Premium are also available as a retrofit installation.


Siem Offshore

Siem Offshore’s fleet consists of 28 vessels, including platform supply vessels, tugs, and offshore subsea construction and well intervention vessels. The main office is in Kristiansand, Norway and the company has over 1.100 employees.


Steerprop is a leading designer and manufacturer of azimuth propulsion systems for the most demanding applications and toughest conditions. Since its founding in Finland in 2000, the company has delivered fit-for-purpose units for hundreds of vessels, including every third icebreaker in operation around the world. Steerprop’s unrivaled arctic experience and fit-for-purpose solutions are a testament to the company’s commitment to continuous development, steadfast dedication to meet the customers’ needs, and an unwavering resolve to perform.


Jarkko Sirrola, PdM Manager, Steerprop
Phone: +358 40 1258694
E-mail: [email protected]

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Siem Offshore has signed a five-year-long monitoring contract regarding the online propulsion condition monitoring service Steerprop Care Premium on all three of its platform service vessels that are equipped with Steerprop’s propulsion system.


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